AUSTIN, Nevada (KVUE) a maried people commemorate the company’s diamond wedding anniversaries annually, specifically an Austin partners, this year is actually specialized because they are enjoying 80 several years of marriage.

They have been partnered a long time and live too long, they may be now regarded as the eldest husband and wife in the world.

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“I have to consult your for how long we have been wedded seeing that, from annum to-year, Recently I disregard,” believed Charlotte Henderson.

They tk a promise, ensuring to stay by one another until passing do they part, and additionally they’ve placed that promise given that they got married throughout helpful Depression in 1939.

“i recall the wedding morning, the afternoon we all had gotten married, as though they happened to be the other day since it is extremely vibrant throughout my attention,” claimed John Henderson.

Virtually 80 several years later on, John and Charlotte in order to be jointly.Read More